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San Diego Womens Health is pleased to the latest in hormone replacement for women. BioTE® Medical offers enhanced wellness in the form of pellet therapy. The path to feeling better begins with exploring the benefits of hormone replacement. Learn more about the benefits of hormone therapy, the conditions they may be able to help lessen, and how to start taking advantage of hormone replacement today. You deserve to feel better no matter how old you are, and the benefits of hormone replacement therapy can get you back to a healthy life.


What is BHRT Pellet Therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT, is an effective way to overcome hormone deficiencies and hormone imbalances at any age. Female hormone replacement therapy benefits individuals in the pursuit of relief from the symptoms of hormone imbalance, and these hormones are administered to patients through the use of pellets. These pellets are placed just under the skin in an outpatient procedure less than a week later patients can return to their regular activities. BHRT benefits can return hormone balance to your body and give you assurance that you’ll get relief from your symptoms.

What are the Benefits of Hormone Replacement?

There are many bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) benefits that BioTE Medical can help you experience.

  • One the benefits of hormone similar to those in the human body is that the hormones within these BHRT pellets are bioidentical; meaning that they are structurally the same as normal human hormones.
  • Another benefit of hormone therapy is that the pellets remain within the body and consistently provide the dosing that the body requires.
  • This is yet another benefit of hormone replacement, as other hormone replacement therapy administrations such as pills and creams provide release dosages in spurts, resulting in a rollercoaster effect of relief to discomfort for the patient.

    The benefits of hormone therapy from BioTE treatments are numerous and will assist in restore your hormone balance and return you to better health.

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