“What makes Morpheus8 Body so revolutionary is the opportunities to customize the treatment to shrink, tighten, and smooth skin. No other external device can reshape and contour to this degree.”

– Courtney Lo, PA and Founder


Morpheus8 is a skin rejuvenation treatment that combines microneedling with radiofrequency technology to trigger collagen and elastin production. The Morpheus8 treatment can be used on many different areas of the face and body to correct sagging skin, stretch marks, crepey skin, and skin discoloration.

The Morpheus8 treatment can be used to correct: Sagging or loose skin, Stretch marks, Crepey skin, Skin discolorations, and Poor skin texture.

    What is Morpheus8?

    As we age, an increase in skin laxity causes our skin to produce less collagen and elastin, which are important building blocks for firm, youthful-looking skin. Morpheus8 is a fractional treatment that combines microneedling treatment with radiofrequency energy that stimulates collagen production and renews deeper layers of skin tissue than any other resurfacing methods. The benefits of this combined approach are seen in skin tightening due to increased collagen production, improved skin tone, and a diminished double chin, helping you to turn back the clock for a more youthful appearance. As an added bonus, clients can enjoy an extremely uniform effect in the treated area with almost no patient downtime or surgical procedures.

    Who is a candidate for Morpheus8?

    Men or women of all ages, skin types, and skin tones who are beginning to notice signs of aging skin and are looking to combat these changes can often benefit from this treatment! Patients who’ve developed minimal excess fat in the face and neck can also achieve their optimal results with morpheus8. However, be sure to let us know if you have used the acne medication isotretinoin in the past, or if you have a history of keloid scarring.

    If you are looking to take charge of your skin’s aging process and turn back the clock, contact our office today to schedule your consultation appointment! Our team will create an individualized treatment plan to help you achieve your anti-aging goals. This plan will include how many treatments you need, other treatments that may help, and the most commonly treated areas.

      What can I expect during treatment?

      During your Morpheus8 treatment, topical numbing cream will first be applied to the treatment area to ensure your comfort. Then, the special handheld device is placed against the skin, allowing the ultra-thin needles to penetrate the subdermal layers of the skin, creating micro-wounds. By creating extremely small wounds in the skin, the body’s repair process is triggered, which involves elastin and collagen production over the course of the healing process. Radiofrequency (RF) energy is simultaneously emitted into the dermal layer of the skin, tightening the adipose tissue (fat) below and enhancing collagen stimulation. Treatment time may vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the size of the treatment area.

        Does Morpheus tighten skin?

        Yes! One of the most common uses for Morpheus8 is to tighten sagging skin and rejuvenate areas of the body such as your neck, face, and thighs.

          How long does Morpheus last for?

          Most patients can enjoy their results for up to one year before a touch-up treatment is needed.

            Is there any downtime after treatment?

            Depending on the intensity of your treatment it is normal to experience redness, tenderness, texture, bruising, and swelling for up to 2 weeks. In most cases, improvement of post-procedure symptoms resolve within the first 3-7 days


              Is Morpheus painful?

              The Morpheus8 treatment is not painful. Any slight discomfort that is felt during treatment is very tolerable. A numbing cream can also be applied before treatment to ensure your comfort.

                How long is the healing process?

                It can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks for the skin to heal after receiving Morpheus8

                  How Morpheus8 works on the body

                  1. Choose your Treatment Area

                  Tell us what’s bugging you on your body and we’ll make a treatment plan with you. At your body contouring consultation we will go over treatment alternatives like Coolsculpting, BodyTite, AccuTite, Microneedling with PRF or PRP and laser assisted liposuction or Smartlipo.

                  2. 60-MINUTE MORPHEUS TREATMENT

                  For your comfort the area is numbed and we also have in office laughing gas (Pronox) Then the microneedles and RF heat are performed deep and superficial in the skin resulting in a shrink wrap-like effect, tightening the skin and fat below and skin smoothing – all in the same treatment.

                  3. SEE RESULTS HAPPEN IN 3-6 WEEKS

                  Look at your body and skin 3-6 weeks after your procedure to see tightening, slimming, and smoothing, which will continue to improve over time. Like what you see? Schedule a series of 3 treatments for even more cumulative results.

                  Morpheus8 Before and After Photos

                  Morpheus8 In the Media

                  Kim Kardashian and Morpheus

                  The results of this laser treatment are so spectacular that celebrities like Kim Kardashian swear by it.

                  Jessica Simpson and Morpheus

                  Jessica Simpson believes in Morpheus8 with amazing results!

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                  Knowledge and Compassion

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