Dr. Mel Kurtulus is one of the pioneers of robotic surgery, who trained with the country’s best surgeons, and after many years of dedication, practice and determination, he joined the ranks as one of the top 23 Epicenter robotic surgeons in the country. Today the medical director of San Diego Women’s Health is recognized worldwide as an expert in pelvic and gynecologic robotic surgery. He also is the first surgeon to perform a single-site robotic surgery in San Diego.

Kurtulus pays it forward by training many other surgeons, both nationally and internationally. He’s even had live broadcast of his surgeries internationally for this purpose. Design and development of medical and surgical tools is his other passion. His company, Matrix HealthTech, has developed a number of surgical tools and now is working on a new device. He is the founder of the nonprofit group named” MIS 4 me,” which is dedicated to increasing the awareness of robotic surgery and other minimally invasive surgical methods, and provides free surgeries to the less fortunate.

Looking forward, Kurtulus says he believes that the robotic surgery field will continue to advance even further with the introduction of better tools and technology.

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